Cinema Bros’ Best Dialogue of 2017

Get Out – By Jordan Peele

By Sam

After Chris starts suspecting something weird is going on at his girlfriend’s parent’s house he runs into the housekeeper Georgina and decides to confide in her his feeling of unease. Georgina’s response is altogether creepy and unexpected and it completely throws Chris for a loop. It’s a great example of how Jordan Peele is able to combine elements of horror with great commentary on the disillusionment of the black community.

Logan – By James Mangold, Scott Frank & Michael Green

By Jacob

This exchange in Logan is haunting. It draws upon much of what the viewer already knows about the Wolverine yet also shows the sadness of living the life of a weaponized experiment. Logan and Laura share a bond in this regard – and they have both taken lives. Logan has settled into despair. Laura is plagued by painful nightmares. James Mangold and screenwriting partner Scott Frank masterfully craft this and other parts of their script to mirror dialogue from the classic western Shane. Logan and Laura discover in their own ways that “there’s no living with… a killing.” As such, Logan is an ode to the suffering hero and one of the most emotionally resonant films of 2017.

Call Me By Your Name – James Ivory

By Josiah

This is part of the incredible monologue that Michael Stuhlbarg gives at the end of Call Me By Your Name and a capper to an incredible performance HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR! I’m not mad, you’re mad… Despite Stuhlbarg not being nominated, screenwriter James Ivory was and this is a prime example of why. This beautiful, tender moment comes as Mr. Pearlman is speaking to his heartbroken son. He reveals to him that he knew about his relationship with Oliver and simultaneously accepts his son for who he is and gives him some extremely astute advice. This is the conversation that every queer kid wishes they could have with their father and it was wonderful to see such a thing on the screen.

Special Award

Best Thing We Saw in a Screenplay

Page 2 of Logan by James Mangold, Scott Frank & Michael Green

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