What are the best films of 2016? You Pick!

Listeners! For our upcoming “Top Ten Films of 2016” episode, we want to hear from you! First, it is easy to award films like “La La Land” or “Moonlight,” but there were several Blockbusters that came out last year that deserve some love. So please vote on which was the best below (Rogue One was excluded to avoid the obvious).

Then use the form below to tell us your favorite film from last year as well as your reasons for loving it. Your submissions will then be read during the episode. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing the films you submit!

Submit Your Oscar Predictions (Major Categories)

Its that time of year again! The Academy is set to give out its’ golden statues this Sunday and we’d like to know who you think will win. Fill out the form below and see if you can beat the Cinema Bros predictions!