CB Podcast Ep. 92 – “Creep 2” Review

This week, the bros bring you recommendations is film, TV, video games and music! Plus, a review of the Mark Duplass starring “Creep 2.”
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“Creep” Review

By Josiah Wampfler

The horror genre has long been plagued by two-bit actors, predictable plots and overall poor quality. Every time we get a new mainstream horror film at the theater I work, the first thing we think is, “oh, that’s probably going to suck,” or “did they need to make another one?…” Like what was discussed in Jake’s review of “It Follows” though, there is a indie horror Renaissance happening right now and Patrick Brice’s “Creep” is the newest and best of this exciting resurgence.

Since the film is so short and to give away to many plot details would be unfair to you, the reader, I will simply say this: “Creep” is a horror film about a videographer who takes a Craigslist job and goes to the client’s house to film… and it is disturbing as hell.

The film has only two cast members: the writer and director, Patrick Brice and the poster boy for indie filmmaking, Mark Duplass, both of whom are absolutely brilliant. Despite being a horror film, Duplass brings his signature awkward comedy into the mix to create a nice mix of light-hearted moments and terrifying uneasiness.

The film is shot in the found-footage style, but unlike many of these films, the technique is central to the plot and it is a benefit to the film. In fact, the ending of the film is made all the more disturbing because of the found-footage style.

One of the things I liked most about the film that many horror films get wrong was the perfect pacing it had. Throughout the film, Brice makes sure that each time the horror and tension get ramped-up it makes sense. The tension builds slowly, but just fast enough to keep you glued to the edge of your seat, until finally, the tension subsides as the true horror of the film is revealed in “Creep’s” superb ending.

What else can I say without spoiling it? “Creep” is a must-see movie for horror-enthusiasts and indie film-lovers alike. I can safely say that it is my favorite horror film I have ever seen and the ending absolutely blew me away. It is available on Netflix Instant right now and I would implore anyone to check it out.