CB Podcast Ep. 57 – Barack Obama on the Silver Screen — “Southside With You” & “Barry”

“It’s 2017! To start off the new year, the bros are making some New Year’s film resolutions, bringing you some all new recommendations and looking back at the historic life of President Barack Obama as he is about to leave office through two films that came out about him last year: ‘Southside With You’ and ‘Barry.'”

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  • New Year’s Film Resolutions
    • Jake
      • Watch one classic film per month (AFI Top 100 may be a good place to start)
      • Re-watch My Neighbor Totoro and at least three other Miyazaki films I haven’t seen yet
    • Sam
      • Watch 8 Charlie Chaplin films, comedy & drama
      • Watch one Hitchcock film a month
    • Joe
      • Watch at least 8 Akira Kurosawa films I haven’t seen
      • Watch at least 1 film a month directed by a woman
  •  Recommendations
  • The Barack Obama Films